The Czechs: 1918 – How Masaryk conceived Czechoslovakia

The Czechoslovak Republic was born in the heads of a handful of people: T. G. Masaryk, Edvard Beneš, and M. R. Štefánik. During WWI, in exile, they managed to convince key statesmen to support the formation of a Republic. How did Masaryk, later to become the Czechoslovak President, get a whole host of politicians most notably President Wilson […]

The Czechs: 1968 – How Dubček capitulated in Moscow

August 1968. The intervention of the armies of the Warsaw Pact finally stifles the Prague Spring. Its leaders depart for Moscow, to parley with the invaders to resolve the situation; the President of the Republic, General Svoboda; the head of the Communist Party, Dubček; the Prime Minister, Černík; the Chair of Parliament, Smrkovský; Husák, Mlynář […]

The Czechs: 1989 – How Havel became President

A look inside the Velvet Revolution. How did the transfer of power take place, between the Communists and the Civic Forum, led by Václav Havel? Who was playing with a clean deck and who was using marked cards? Who is to be credited for the fact that the coup was a peaceful one? And who got the […]