The Czechs, a comicstrip

A unique rendition of Czech history in comics. Nine historical events, nine of the most important interviews in the history of our nation, nine leading Czech comic book artists!
The comics cycle ‘THE CZECHS’ follows the historical period from the creation of Czechoslovakia (1918) up to the time the Czechoslovak Republic split up (1992). Each chapter is an original artistic rendition of one of the key stages of our country’s modern history.


Even before the Czech century began broadcasting on TV, the script got read by the Mladá fronta publishing house. They initially thought about releasing the scripts in book form, followed by the idea of a half-comic-strip, half-text version. In the end, partly thanks to the support of Czech Television, a radical notion prevailed: each script would spawn a comic-book, each from a different artist, who would thereby find themselves in much the same position as the film director Robert Sedláček. Namely, each of them would create their own vision from scratch, not as an illustration of a TV serial; as far as I know, most of the artists didn’t want to see ‘their’ episode on TV beforehand, nor did so.



1948-obalka-2The Czechs: 1948 – How the Communist Party seized power
Images: Karel Osoha
Mladá fronta/Česká televize 2016
Češi 1977 - Jak z rock’n’rollu vznikla Charta 77

The Czechs: 1977 – How Rock ‘n’ Roll spawned Charter 77
Images: Jiří Husák
Mladá fronta/Česká televize 2016

Češi 1938 - Jak Beneš ustoupil Hitlerovi

The Czechs: 1938 – How Beneš gave way to Hitler
Images: Štěpánka Jislová
Mladá fronta/Česká televize 2016

Češi 1968 - Jak Dubček v Moskvě kapituloval

The Czechs: 1968 – How Dubček capitulated in Moscow
Images: Karel Jerie
Mladá fronta/Česká televize 2016


The Czechs: 1992 – How Mečiar and Klaus split up the country
Images: Dan Černý
Mladá fronta/Česká televize 2015


The Czechs: 1989 – How Havel became President
Images: Vojta Šeda
Mladá fronta/Česká televize 2015


The Czechs: 1942 – How those in London came up with the assassination of Heydrich
Images: Marek Rubec
Mladá fronta/Česká televize 2014

Cesi 1952

The Czechs: 1952 – How Gottwald murdered Slánský
Images: Vojtěch Mašek
Mladá fronta/Česká televize 2014


The Czechs: 1918 – How Masaryk conceived Czechoslovakia
Images: Ticho 762
Mladá fronta 2013